Tunrkey EPC for energy industry

Turnkey EPC Services
for the energy industry

Centrales thermiques et hybrides

Hybrid & Thermal Power Plants

Since 1926, ABC CONTRACTING has delivered from isolated containerized solutions for civil, industrial, mining and military projects to turnkey solutions for hybrid & thermal power plants up to 70 MW.

Centrales hydroélectriques en Afrique

Hydropower plants

ABC CONTRACTING rehabilitates existing, and builds new power plants. In collaboration with turbine manufacturers, ABC CONTRACTING works closely with you in the construction of new custom-made hydropower plants.

Réseaux électriques en Afrique

Power Grids

ABC CONTRACTING has the expertise necessary to successfully undertake all the components of an electrical construction project, ensuring the transportation and distribution of your electricity efficiently, from the source to end users.

Group purchasing

In order to serve the needs of all the Group’s companies and other potential customers in Africa, ABC CONTRACTING provides technical procurement services.

Environmental Responsibilities

ABC CONTRACTING supports a balanced, comprehensive energy policy that includes the responsible development and utilization of all energy resources—both traditional and alternative.
ABC CONTRACTING provides a renewable component, by systematically offering a hybrid solution which adds solar and/or wind power to thermal power plants. All this by bringing the necessary skill to guarantee quality energy and network stability.

Access to affordable and dependable energy is critical for energy security and economic prosperity. Our solution is the best investment possible to meet all your power demands while respecting the environment. Your costs savings and the protection of our planet are our priority!
At ABC CONTRACTING, sustainability is our commitment to building a better Africa. Sustainability is part of who we are and what we do every single day. We know that Progress involves a balance of environmental management, social responsibility and economic growth.