By leveraging the business and technical expertise of other Group companies, ABC CONTRACTING offers a broad range of solutions for energy projects in Africa.

Réseaux électriques en Afrique

ABC CONTRACTING oversees line installations, transformer stations and substation constructions, until household service connections.

MV distribution (up to 220 kV) – Overhead and/or underground lines / Wooden or steel poles and towers. LV distribution – Roadside transformer cabins, LV overhead lines, household service connections, counters & management systems. MV/MV transformer stations (up to 220 kV). LV/MV transformer stations.

Centrales thermiques et hybrides

Electricity is the basis of any major civil, industrial, mining or military project. In many areas this power is not readily available, and possible solutions can take years to develop. This is why it is necessary to possess a power source as quickly as possible. From genset to turn-key solutions of hybrid & thermal power plants with ANGLO BELGIAN CORPORATION engines – another Group company which manufactures a variety of engines, ranging from 800 kW to 10.000 kW and running on LFO, HFO, vegetable oil and palm oil waste.

Centrale thermique et hybride en Afrique

Development of Photovoltaic Projects of Industrial Scale!

Thanks to its experience in Hybrid “thermal/solar” power plants, ABC CONTRACTING can also offer a 100% solar solution, from 200 kWp to 20 MWp.

Africa is indeed the region of the world where solar energy is the most abundant, while paradoxically it is also the region where the lack of electricity is the most important.

As a major EPC in Africa, we can take charge of the complete installation, from photovoltaic panels, cabling, inverters to switchboards and transformers for the transmission of electricity. Of course, we can also provide remote monitoring of production and energy storage.

From engineering to connection, ABC CONTRACTING provides turnkey solutions for photovoltaic projects!

Centrales hydroélectriques en Afrique

ABC CONTRACTING rehabilitates existing, and builds new power plants. In collaboration with turbine manufacturers, ABC CONTRACTING supports you in the construction of new custom-made hydropower plants.

Thanks to its experience in rehabilitating hydropower plants, ABC CONTRACTING will provide solutions for the mechanical renovation of your gates, valves and turbines. Our team will also replace your pipes, electrical installations, while providing protection against corrosion.

In order to serve the needs of all the Group’s companies and other potential customers in Africa, ABC CONTRACTING provides technical procurement services in the following main business areas: Electricity (Production and Distribution), Building materials, Construction and engineering, Service industries, Building Management Systems (Supervisory Systems), Water (Processing and distribution), Hospitality (HORECA equipment), Rolling equipment and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Besides our four main activities, ABC CONTRACTING also does business in the following areas:


  • Railway networks
    • Electrical signalling
    • Construction of train stations and maintenance facilities
  • Water purification
  • Drinking water supply systems
  • Waste water treatment