Group Purchasing

To serve the needs of all of the Group’s companies and other customers in Africa, ABC CONTRACTING provides technical procurement services in the following main business areas:

  • Electricity: Production and Distribution
  • Building materials
  • Construction and engineering, Service industries, Building Management Systems (Supervisory Systems), Elevators, Escalators
  • Water: Processing and distribution
  • Hospitality (HORECA equipment)
  • Rolling stock, equipment and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

The trading department of ABC CONTRACTING benefits from the diversity of group activities. Because we can pool resources together, we are able to forge privileged relationships with major suppliers in Europe as well as with customers in Africa.

In addition to these sites, it is worth noting that the presence of our company OETS (OGEPAR ENGINE TECHNOLOGY SHANGAI) in Shanghai, China opens up prospects for potential new suppliers.