Our strenghts

Project management


Because each customer is unique and each project is specific, ABC CONTRACTING provides its customers with a tailored service to better meet their expectations.


ABC CONTRACTING is a major player in providing turnkey EPC projects for the energy industry in Africa. The strength of our design and project management know-how comes from our multi-skilled and dynamic team of twenty engineers who work closely on a day-to-day basis with the various Group companies operating in Africa.


No matter what the project is, ABC CONTRACTING’s experienced engineers are there to guide customers through all necessary stages, from feasibility and analysis to delivery of the turnkey installation. Proven success with highly technical and complex projects!


ABC CONTRACTING has a team of dedicated engineering specialists ready to carry out the feasibility studies and size the project based on your needs in order to find the perfect solution for you! We maintain our very satisfied customer-base through exceptional expertise, offers at fair market prices and fast responses to every enquiry.

Financing – International Donors & Trade finance


ABC CONTRACTING has an extensive portfolio of African projects, mainly financed by major international institutions such as the AFD, AfDB, BADEA, Enabel, IsDB, WB.


In addition to these financing solutions with international donor agencies, ABC CONTRACTING also aims to offer its customers the most appropriate and relevant financing solutions to help them develop their business under the best possible conditions.


Indeed, ABC CONTRACTING not only wants to be your preferred business partner but also your preferred financial partner. Through our strong ties with European and Pan-African banking networks and export credit agencies (ECA), we provide financing solutions for projects lasting less than 48 months and worth up to 20 million euros.

Hybridation & Bio-fuel Expertise


Your costs savings and the protection of our planet are our priority!


Power generation requires a fuel energy source. The efficiency of processing fuel into electricity with minimal environmental impact will determine the most attractive solution.


ABC CONTRACTING provides a renewable component, by systematically offering a hybrid solution which adds solar and/or wind power to thermal power plants. All this by bringing the necessary skill to guarantee quality energy and network stability.


Additionally, ANGLO BELGIAN CORPORATION has always understood the importance of bio-fuels, which is why a large part of the R&D budget is invested for emission reduction and bio-fuel applications. The company is always looking for new challenges in alternative fuel sources. Subject to some simple, but effective adaptations, the robust engines of ABC can run on almost all bio-fuels (Vegetable oils, animal fat, aggregates, natural gas & bio-gas).

EPC Mining power generation - Africa

Kiffa’s hybrid power plant, in Mauritany

Centrale thermique et hybride en Afrique
Centrale thermique et hybride en Afrique
Centrale thermique et hybride en Afrique


Turnkey hybrid power plant solution

   – Hybridisation with solar panels

   – Hybridisation with wind

   – Hybridisition combining solar & wind

Possibility of cogeneration

Possibility of biogas

Local presence


One of our biggest strengths is the combined presence of engineers and project managers in both Europe (ABC CONTRACTING & ANGLO BELGIAN CORPORATION) and Africa (PROCOB, ABC SODIMEL, IVOIREMOTOR, RWANDAMOTOR). All these African sister companies have an engineering department that works with ABC CONTRACTING on projects in the energy sector.


The various sites – Kinshasa (DRC), Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire (Republic of Congo), Kigali (Rwanda), Bujumbura (Burundi), Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and most recently Nouakchott (Mauritania) – serve as a starting point for establishing not only our professional network but local project infrastructures as well.


All these sister companies have an engineering department and highly skilled installation staff on-site, who closely work with ABC CONTRACTING for projects in the energy sector.

Logistics & procurement expertise


ABC CONTRACTING’s storage facility includes two 63-ton overhead cranes, and covers a combined surface area of 8,000 m².


Relying on its important network and its vast experience in Africa, ABC CONTRACTING offers its clients full (multimodal transport) and customized logistics solutions.


The trading department of ABC CONTRACTING benefits from the diversity of group activities. Because we can pool resources together, we are able to forge close relationships with major suppliers in Europe as well as with customers in Africa.


In addition to these sites, it is worth noting that the presence of our company OETS (OGEPAR ENGINE TECHNOLOGY SHANGAI) in Shanghai, China opens up prospects for potential new suppliers.