Power grids

Réseaux électriques en Afrique

ABC CONTRACTING has the expertise necessary to successfully undertake all the components of an electrical construction project, ensuring the transportation and distribution of your electricity efficiently, from the source to end users.


The strength of our design and project management know-how comes from our multi-skilled and dynamic team of twenty engineers who work closely on a day-to-day basis with the various Group companies operating in Africa.

ABC CONTRACTING provides support through all stages of your project, from feasibility and analysis to procurement, logistics & installation on-site by our highly-skilled local team.

» HV lines, until 220 kV.

» Transformer stations and substations, including busbar, circuit breakers,
accessories, transformers, remote control & protections.

» MV and LV distribution, including overhead and/or underground lines, wooden or steel poles and tower installations.

» Connection until the final consumer, including household service connections, counters & management systems.

» Public lighting, standard or solar.

Some references


» 30 kV lines and LV in West Rwanda (Mukungwa and Rugezi).

» 120 kV lines and 120/15 kV substation, 24 MVA, Katuba in DRC.

» Various distribution projects (MV and LV) in DRC (Kikwit, Kananga, Lubumbashi, Likasi,…).

» PMEDE M05 project – DRC – 30 kV lines to interconnect substations in Kinshasa.

» PMEDE Lot 6 project – DRC – MV & LV distribution in Kimbanseke.

» PMEDE M10 project – DRC – Supplies, installation and LV/MV cabin connections.

» PEPUR M05 project – DRC – MV/LV distribution reinforcement in eight districts of Kinshasa and Kinshasa-Nord.